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Portrait of Alexandre Bauduin
Alexandre Bauduin
Task Force Member

I am an expert in testing safety-critical complex systems. My goal is to bring to life the product you've imagined. My way of thinking: Human first, automation second.

Portrait of Andrei Rădulescu
Andrei Rădulescu
Solution Design Engineer

As a well-rounded engineer, I seek to put my creativity to work with mind-bending challenges. I am always in pursuit of an in-depth understanding of products, resulting from close interaction with research and development groups. This aids me in being both a rapid prototyper for working solutions and a seeker for the most elegant one after the storm has passed.

Portrait of Andrew Orange
Andrew Orange
Test Engineer

Throughout my multi-role career and even as a developer, I’ve always enjoyed testing the products I’ve worked on. Finding testing gurus like Michael Bolton and James Bach threw me deeper into context-driven testing methodologies. In Switzerland, House of Test is the only company where I can practise this professionally and mingle with like-minded people.

Portrait of Ilari Henrik Aegerter
Ilari Henrik Aegerter
General Manager

Software Testing encapsulates both humans and things. That is why I am a Cyborg-Friendly Humanist. My goal is to make people successful and our clients happy.

Portrait of Iván Riera Sánchez
Iván Riera Sánchez
Test Engineer

Formerly a computational mathematician specialising in logistics and process optimisation, I have found in testing my true vocation that I can work daily on improving the quality of software products.

Portrait of Jagoda Brzozowicz
Jagoda Brzozowicz
Test Engineer

Ever since I was a child, I’ve enjoyed developing things from scratch and testing it. This passion, combined with my fascination for mathematics and technology, led me from construction sites over design offices to Test Engineering.

Portrait of Jan Wegner
Jan Wegner
Test Manager & Software Development Engineer in Test

I am a hands-on Software Development Engineer in Test and a capable technical person both on the engineering and test side. I pay attention to detail when analysing the systems under test and broaden the scope when presenting my findings and solutions to the customer.

Portrait of Johanna Ny
Johanna Ny

I’m a passionate marketer, content creator, and photographer. I have worked with branding and marketing for more than ten years, and I love that it’s constantly evolving, breaking through barriers for transformation, and finding new ways of creating value and engaging people.

Portrait of Natalia Szprega
Natalia Szprega
Test Engineer

I'm always an optimistic person with a passion for technology and nature. Good communication within the team and the software users' love is important to me. I believe nothing is impossible; sometimes, it just takes more time and effort.

Portrait of Norbert Molnár
Norbert Molnár
Test Manager & Software Development Engineer in Test

I am a linguist and a software development engineer in test, currently building up expertise in banking. With professional experience spanning from Serbia to Oman, I've transitioned from an Arabic-speaking career counselor and UN researcher to an IT innovator, enhancing global workflows.

Portrait of Olga Dietiker
Olga Dietiker
Test Engineer

As a Test Engineer, I believe every project offers different testing problems; there is never a „one-fits-all “ solution. I am driven by curiosity and a desire to make things work better. I love the world of agile, fast-paced projects in interdisciplinary teams, and I enjoy the art of software crafting from A to Z.

Portrait of Pablo Vergés
Pablo Vergés
Development Tools Architect

With a passion for software development, I have accumulated diverse experience across various roles and organizations. My primary focus is to ensure clients can concentrate on doing the right things by helping them do things right. I am constantly motivated to explore innovative solutions in the field, striving for excellence in all aspects of my work.

Portrait of Simon Berner
Simon Berner
Test Artisan

As an artisan, I found my way into Software Development and Testing many years ago. I am excited to learn new things every day and help you with your challenges!

Portrait of Simon Reichenbach
Simon Reichenbach
Test Engineer

I am a passionate tester with a strong eye for detail. I'm an Enthusiast about context-driven testing but detest bad-performing computers and software.

Portrait of Thomas Bosshard
Thomas Bosshard

Senior Sales Executive with over 30 years' experience in the finance, manufacturing and IT industries. I love to inspire and excite people. My goal is to create a win-win situation where both our customers and House of Test benefit.