We offer no-nonsense software testing where our awesome individuals help our customers launch successful products.

We are not your typical middle-of-the-road consultant company; we are revolutionaries, rebels if you like, and we disrupt the status quo. We are edgy, sarcastic, and fun people who give a damn about the world.

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”I had the pleasure of working with House of Test and their employee Andrew Orange to launch a credit application product. The experience was outstanding from start to finish. I was particularly impressed with House of Test's approach, which is based on Context-Driven Testing. Rather than simply applying standard methods, Andrew focused on our specific needs and requirements and developed a bespoke testing strategy that perfectly suited our project.nIn addition, Andrew was also responsible for the entire Quality Assurance area and provided excellent support and coaching to help us maximise the quality of our product.

Andrew also successfully implemented the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment model with our development partners and supported it through Continuous Testing. His experience and knowledge helped the project run smoothly and efficiently.I can highly recommend House of Test and Andrew Orange in particular. If you are looking for a competent and experienced partner to help you develop products through Context-Driven Testing and Continuous, House of Test is the place to be.”

Lukas Schlauri

"tiko Energy Solutions AG leads the energy transition by using cutting edge technology to develop and operate virtual power plants.Reconciling the worlds of agile IT and energy supply is a big challenge, especially when it comes to reliability, cyber security and operational excellence.In our search for a suitable testing approach for our unique application, we partnered with House of Test. They immediately provided us with two experts who stimulated important changes by their conceptual work. These changes are now being actively pursued in collaboration with our teams. In addition, House of Test's overall support in software testing has been exceptional.We are very grateful for their contribution."

Tobias Rauber

"Our team worked with House of Test on the product extension of an electronic archive solution. We were very satisfied with the planning and implementation of the tests for the technically complex task as well as the results and presentation of the results."

Gabrielle Zurkirchen

"The cooperation with House of Test was very goal-oriented and uncomplicated right from the start. In the area of Context-Driven Software Testing, you are among the absolute professionals and shine with professional competence and customer orientation."

Adrian Burch

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